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strange_claims's Journal

Strange Claims
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The Rules.

We don't have many rules. Strange Claims is a place where you may claim:
2 people
2 bands
2 songs
2 random things.

`*If someone/something you want is taken already you may ask the person who has taken claim to share. They don't have to share but they must agree to it before you can claim it.

`*There is a limit to 2 people per claim.

`*If you leave the community, you lose your claims.

`*If you want to claim something, you need a reason. A good reason.

`*If you want a banner, and suck really bad, IM me on Barbee Doll punk and I will make you one.



good charlotte- wanahumpsickboy
the casualtiesipimpgc
rancid- ohcrapitsbenji
the distillers- ohcrapitsbenji
new found glory- xxdefektgirlxx
brand new- xxdefektgirlxx
Dashboard Confessional- benjisxlipring
The Vines- benjisxlipring
Simple Plan- evil_queen
Mest- veggie_platter
Wakefield- veggie_platter
Finch- lalalolly
The Starting Line- lalalolly
Something Corporate- reesersnfg
sugarcult- __aintlovegrand
system of a down- __aintlovegrand
rufio- jerkus
noise ratchet- jerkus


Benji Madden of GC- ipimgc
Joel Madden of GC- wanahumpsickboy
Tim Armstrong of Rancid- ohcrapitsbenji
Brody Armstrong of The Distillers- ohcrapitsbenji
Christian of Blindside- wanahumpsickboy
Paul Thomas of GC- xxdefektgirlxx
Tony of Lifer- xxdefektgirlxx
Ryan of The Distillers- ipimpgc
Billy Martin of GC- benjisxlipring // veggie_platter
Craig of the Vines- benjisxlipring
Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan- evil_queen
Jeremiah Rangel- veggie_platter
Sebastian Lefebvre- veggie_platter
Jimmy Fallon- lalalolly
Jordan Pundik- lalalolly
Matt Lovato from Mest.- infamousloser
William Tell of Something Corperate- infamousloser
Kenny Vasoli from The Starting Line- reesersnfg
steve klein- __aintlovegrand
chad gilbert- __aintlovegrand


Change by GC- xxdefektgirlxx
Bloody Valentine by GC- ipimpgc
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous by GC- wanahumpsickboy
Jude Law & the Semester Abroad by Brand New-xxdefektgirlxx
Gettin' Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith- ohcrapitsbenji
Glory of Love (cover) by NFG- ohcrapitsbenji
I Heard You by GC- wanahumpsickboy
The Best of Me by TSL- ipimpgc
Get Free by The Vines- benjisxlipring
Saints and Sailors by DC- benjisxlipring
Can't Go on-GC- evil_queen
Grow up-Simple Plan- evil_queen
Saddiest Girl Story by The Starting Line- veggie_platter
The Anthem by GC- veggie_platter
Day That I Die by GC- lalalolly
Sorry by NFG- lalalolly
Wondering By Good Charlotte- infamousloser
"Given the Chance" by The Starting Line- reesersnfg
"The Story So Far" by New Found Glory- reesersnfg
"killing me" by sugarcult- __aintlovegrand
"perfect" by simple plan- __aintlovegrand

Random Thing

Paul Thomas' Hugs- xxdefektgirlxx
Benji's 'smile if you're not wearing panties' hat-ipimpgc
Cashdog- ipimpgc
Benji's black & white guitar- wanahumpsickboy
Paul Thomas' bass- xxdefektgirlxx
Benji's short's- ohcrapitsbenji
Dog w/ Mohawk & British bark in Jimmy Fallon commerical- ohcrapitsbenji
Benji's Hair- benjisxlipring
Benji's Lip Rings- benjisxlipring
Benji's Eyeliner- evil_queen
Benji's Penoid- evil_qeen
William Martin's Lips w/ piercing- veggie_platter
Jeremiah's Voice- veggie_platter
Billy's black bracelts.- infamousloser
Joel's Old School-ness.- infamousloser
pierre bouvier's bracelets- __aintlovegrand
joel's tatts- jerkus